Thursday, June 15, 2017


According to the British press, Chelsea have made an unexpected offer to buy Paris saint-germain defender David Louis for 32 million pounds.
The daily mail said Chelsea had made the offer, cheap nfl hatswhile David lewis was "ready to return to west London".
Daily mail reports
Daily mail reports
In June 2014, jose mourinho to sell David lewis to Paris, the £ 50 million received, create a defender of record at the same time, today, the blues in the search for a central defender, in Rome who are looking for AC milan and napoli cooley, Barry was rejected, conte's team turned to the former days will be.
David lewis has fond memories of Chelsea
David lewis has fond memories of Chelsea
David lewis, 29, in Paris st germain, also seems to be the setbacks in the defeat by Monaco last week, he sends out the penalty of criticism, also be the new manager Mr Merry substituted in advance.
From other Chelsea to sign the Spanish left-back, Florence Marco - alonso has very close, the latter has arrived in London on Tuesday, cheap jerseysto participate in medical team.

The outbreak of

The 2018 World Cup qualifying group Europe D 4 rounds, Ireland under the condition of the scene at a disadvantage beat Austria, 1-0 in the ranking group leaders, cheap nfl jerseysand appealed team scored the only goal of the west brom winger McLean.
The key visit Austria, Ireland is in a passive situation: possession rate is only 35%, shooting times behind 17, 8 on target is 2 to 6, each other have a shot hit the woodwork, luck on the visiting team side. With only two shots, the green army also seized the chance to accomplish a 3-pointer.
48 minutes, Irish launch a fast counter-attack, accurate transfer at the han in McLean found on the left, the winger in west bromwich albion on the left side of the determination of the area left foot shot the ball into the net from under the Austrian goalkeeper fork, 1-0. The only goal was a goal.
The goal is remarkable because it has led Ireland to defeat Austria for the first time since 1963, 53 years ago. The precious 3 points also allowed the green army to maintain an unbeaten run of 10 points in the first four rounds of the pre-qualifying round, with Serbia and six points of wales at the top of the list.
After the game, to win credit McLean slightly speech, said: "if I miss this chance, Roy keane (now Ireland ta) could kill me!!!!!!! He is knocking on the training we, we have to hit the target. There is no doubt that this is my of the most important goals for Ireland."
Count before and moldova's brace, cheap snapbacksMcLean 2 wars scored 3 goals for Ireland recently, and his nine appearances for west brom league this season, also only 1 ball 1 assists. It looks as if the bloomers boss Tony pulith will have to consider how he can fully activate McLin's firepower.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Contradictory Mentality

Last year I got divorce,which I am completely unwilling,but I have no choice because my ex-husband and his parents stick to.  Maybe someone will ask why you need to divorce.  There is  a long story to tell. I got married in 8th MARCH 2015 and get divorce on 11 NOVEMBER 2016. At first, we got on well with each other.  My ex-husband's family is poor, while we got married ,their family was in debt and their parents always asked me to pay off the debt. However I refuse, because my  ex-husband's younger brother has been married and had a son,and their parents raise the grandson for his younger son,  still young and did not got jobs and always asked me to take the money out to pay the debt for them.  
The main reason  my husband did not have a job at that time and I need to earn money to support the family. My husband did not have a good job at first and  I hope he can get a good job and he resigned the job and studied the advertisement design at home  which made me disappointed was that he learned nothing. At that time I felt great pressure and I got the schizophrenia again and I went to the hospital again and he knew I got disease before while at that time he accompanied me to cure the disease for  3 months in the hospital. I showed my THANKS to him.
Later their parents discover I got that kind disease and strongly disagree our marriage. For this kind of disease , cheap nfl jerseys, it is not good for me to have a baby. At first my husband is hesitated whether to divorce or not. For their parents  attitude, later he decided to divorce with me.
However in my deep heart, I love him and I do not want to leave him. Now, he left me and I have heard that he is pursuing other girl .

Why will I  feel uncomfortable now ?   and I hope he will not have  a girlfriend any more  and hope I  have another chance  in  the future. Who can help me? Help me to come out.

weekend parents

I did not watch TV for a long time. Yesterday. I want to watch some and try to find some interesting. Weekend parents.the theme is interesting and attractive. Since i am a mother and i will keep more attention to these topic. Maybe it shows that i am a little old.
Anyway, In the Play, when the hostess worked in a new working environment--parra cooperation. She find that everyone are energetic and diligent afterwork to learn and master more skills to get improvement in later work.Though there is much pressure.
But i think in that environment, cheap hats, People can get improment and get more capability easily. So i am wondering if some of the colleagues and friends around me are working and studying in this way. since nowadays everyone is never too old too learn. So are we.
All in all, Learning is very important to everyone nowadays.If you are no so comprtitive and incapaple. You must be get out of the social competition.

Overseas bride

This morning  I read a news about flee bride flees 《逃跑的新娘》, it is really suprised for me so much chinese man are single because of female and male rating imbalance , so now days ,more and more chinese men go aborad to seek  bride ,not for every one is lucky to seek a satisfication bride , this news talked flee brides are from vietnam, they just married two weeks or one month ,then the bride took bridegroom money fleeing .in fact ,nfl jerseys cheap, the bridegroom family is not rich , they are 100% believe their bride , now they are disappoint becasue the bride left him. and they wete not protected by legal becuase they didnot get offical marriage certificate in goverment officer when they married , it is a big risk if you married with oversea bride without marriage certificate . I also saw a lot of news praise oversea bride are very diligent ,they have good relation ship with their husband monther even thought the language different  ,and they study chinese cultural ,their life very happy and lucky .

I am here with you

At the last few weeks of winter is still cold, we were still staying at Beijing for the weekend. Getting more exercises to release the pressure from the working days is good choice for both of us, cheap jerseys, walking is our favorite way to get more sunshine and spend our happy time to chat each other during amount of time, comparing with other exercises, swimming, ridding and running, those cannot be chat each other.
At the late afternoon, we were planning to the supermarket which is located to our home as 4-5 miles away I guess, and I got the promise the dinner will be have at the outside restaurant, as long as I don’t have to do the meal where ever I like to go. In a merry mood we went out by foot, we like a kid with the healthy looking, you know I am the fun of self-shooting to take the different pose at the anytime or anywhere as I can, look at the picture with the sunset on the road, it is so romance, right? We are there by unconsciously.
By hour we have gotten a full of cart at the supermarket, 90% is the foods, this and that on the shelf I all want to have, like free market to get you know what to buy the stuffs in the supermarket it is not the picnic, to see I did not have my cart this time, everything need to hand carry, so I have given up some of them, but still with two big bags to bill.
Out of the market we came to one restaurant near there, one small paper and an elegant pencil on the dining table is so unique and attractive, I got the words from the paper, in order to have the hygiene environmental chinaware, to avoid touching food with the fingers, the lovely paper with carefully modified we can see is only for the chopstick in any seats of the table, this is my first time to come this restaurant, and I do not know yet the food is good or not, but the small paper was making me so different, the different let me remember to take the shoot. By chance, cheap nfl hats, these two pictures are the same style and same meaningful in my day. The pair is not the single piece, cannot separate each other. Like the title I am here with you.

Monday, April 17, 2017

How to be a successful goal achiever

Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence.

Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent.

Genius will not; Unrewarded genius is almost a proverb;

Education will not; The world is full of educated failures.

Persistence and Determination alone are omnipotent.

-        Calvin Coolidge  -

I have posted an article regarding how to learn English as second language in China as someone asked: “I want to improve my English,could you please give me some ideas?”

But that’s just from my experience, actually for what level your English is or what level your English will be, cheap nfl hats, it’s completely related to how much effort you have put.

Whether you have learnt English on a regular basis? Have you made a detailed plan? Have you put it on your priority list?

I remembered in teachers’ eyes I was not a good student being selected into English Group in junior high school, which disappointed me a lot.

I also failed so many times for taking English self-taught exams while doing a full time job and taking care of my little daughter.

 My English learning was always stuck at chapter one which could never move forward.

However, I kept going without stopping.

I used to recite vocabularies while I was doing housework.

I used to keep a small piece of paper with me so that wherever I went, I could read vocabularies, phrases or sentences without wasting one minute.

I used to make detailed plans for how to improve English four sections each day by focusing on listening, replica oakley sunglasses, speaking, reading and writing, which took almost all my leisure time.

 After being a full-time student in China, for the first 2 years, I spent almost 10 hours a day for accumulating basic English knowledge including looking up the dictionary for all the unknown words, which was a tedious progress..

Until now, I am re-starting that habit in order to make full use of the time.

I type out beautiful English sentences, memorize it whenever I take a train, tram or wait in a queue.

Without hard work, I don’t think I was able to compete with 10 years' younger classmates and successfully won the study excellent scholarship from Latrobe Uni in Melbourne, nfl jerseys cheap, the only one student out of 40 in the class.

The Ugly truth is the majority people of my age in China who have graduated from a reputable Uni or completed an English degree.

I can’t say their English is as good as me at the moment because they stopped learning.

I don’t trust people who keep telling me how clever they are as they can get excellent marks without putting effort.

I know one guy who graduated from one famous Uni in China; you know what he’s doing in Australia? He’s living on centrelink benefit from government.

As he thinks he’s too smart to do office or labour work, he’s born of a genius.

Unfortunately, he quit a great job in China by doing nothing in Australia.

Probably he’s lack of flexibility for adapting to a new cultural environment.

So no matter what situation you are, a wonderful past doesn’t guarantee you a bright future if you don't keep update to the new things.

However, if you have ever disappointed by your past, as long as you start making a detailed plan by taking massive action  with self-determination and keep persistence.

You will experience something amazing, cheap hats, which will make you completely life changing.

Keep going, never give up, trust me, you’ll reach your goal one day.